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Product List
Category: Osteoporosis
8 items found
Actonel 35 mg 4 tabs
Generic: Risedronate
Manufacturer: Aventis Pharma
Price: $108.00
Calcium Capsule 625 mg 300 caps
Generic: Calcium Carbonate
Manufacturer: various
Price: $40.00
Calcium Capsule 835 mg 300 caps
Generic: Calcium Carbonate
Manufacturer: various
Price: $44.00
Evista (brand) Celvista 60 mg 28 tabs
Generic: Raloxifene
Manufacturer: Eli Lilly
Price: $124.00
Fortica Calcium with Vitamin D (generic) 100 tabs
Generic: Calcium carbonate 1,250 mg.(equivalent to 500mg. elemental Calcium) Vitamin D 200iu
Manufacturer: British Dispensary
Price: $24.00
Fosamax 70 mg 4 tabs
Generic: Alendronate
Manufacturer: MSD (brand)
Price: $109.00
Miacalcin (brand) Miacalcic nasal spray aka Salcatonin 200iu/1dose 14 doses x 1 bottle
Generic: Synthetic salmon calcitonin
Manufacturer: Novartis
Price: $182.00
Pet-Cal A Palatable Calcium-Phosphorus-Vitamin D Preparation for Dogs and Cats 60 tabs
Generic: Calcium (minimum) 17.5% (maximum) 21.0%, Phosphorus 14.0%, Salt (maximum) 0.10% (maximum) 0.60%, Chl
Manufacturer: Pfizer Animal Health
Price: $36.00
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